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4 years ago

Tuning Adapter Not Working After Several Replacements

I have a TiVO Bolt and last fall the tuning adapter stopped working. I contacted support at the time and was instructed to replace the tuning adapter, which I did. This did not resolve the issue. I mostly use the tuning adapter to watch NFL Red Zone during football season, so it dropped off my to-do list but was never resolved. Now that football is happening, I started working again to resolve this issue and once again replaced my tuning adapter without success.

I checked my cables and they all work. When I go to the diagnostic menu on the TiVO, it says the tuning adapter is initializing. It has been stuck initializing for days. Reached out to Cox Support and they haven’t resolved this after several calls.

I saw on a Reddit forum post on this issue that it is common and the result of an issue at the headend and not the subscribers equipment. If anyone from Cox is seeing this, I’d appreciate a response and to level with me on whether or not this is a headend issue. I am paying for a service I can’t use, so I am very frustrated.

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  • @Jimleys, I can certainly understand your frustration and we can look into this ongoing issue for you. Please send us an email to with your full name, address, and a brief description of the concern so we can help resolve this for you. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.