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6 years ago

Tuning Adapter Activation Issue

Good morning,

I received a Cablecard and tuning adapter yesterday from a Cox Solutions Store to use in my Tivo.  I installed both pices of equipment according to the literature provided.  When I called Cox to activate these items, the first representative stated he could not see the tuning adapter on the account and transferred me to another representative. 

The second representative assured me all of the necessary equipment was present on my account and successfully activated the Cable Card.  However, the tuning adapter's yellow light remained blinking and never turned solid.  After waiting a few hours with the yellow light still blinking, I again called Cox support, who re-sent the activation signal and told me to check the adapter in the morning to verify it activated.  This morning, I checked the adapter and its still blinking yellow.

Can you please check my account to verify everything is activated properly?  If everything's ok on your end, I may have to swap the tuning adapter at the Cox Solutions Store.

Thanks for your assistance.   

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  • Hi Nola70131, it appears that the CableCARD was accurately associated with your Cox account, but the Tuning Adapter was not. Please email with your full name, address, a link to this thread, and the serial number of the Tuning Adapter. We'll get it activated correctly for you! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator