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5 years ago

Three tuning adapters blinking

Three days ago one of my tuning adapters went offline (blinking light). Called Customer Service, a update sent and all three Tuning Adapters went offline. Today a tech came and spent a hour 'trouble-shooting' but no joy. Being referred to his 'supervisor'.  Anybody else with recent TA problems?

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  • Hi Duhmel123. If the technician referred it to his supervisor, it is being addressed and should be resolved soon. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    I noticed my tuning adapter was blinking, I'm not sure how long it was happening, but it certainly could have been a week.  Luckily a large majority of the channels I normally watch are not SDV, at least not in the past week.  Did you get this resolved yet?  I have a tech coming to my house on Thursday to take a look.

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    your provided equipment from cox...tuning adapters?

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      Of course, as far as I know you can't bring your own or use someone else's tuning adapters, they need to be activated/paired at the headend.