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5 years ago

This TV forum, another farce

 Have you noticed when you click on the subject you want to read there is no way of going back to the list of similar subjects?

 Then you have to go back to the search tab, put in the same subject you were looking for and start all over again. Such sophistication of Cox, don't tell me they didn't set it up this way on purpose, because if they didn't they have some morons working in nail Tech division.

 Why would they want you to hit the back button and go back to the list of subjects instead of back to the main homepage? What a crock of 💩

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  • is a trick I've been using on any Win system.  If you are viewing a page and want to select a URL Link on that page (like something from this Forum Home, or TV Forum)...if you hold down the CNTL key then Left mouse the link, a NEW  Tab will appear with that link.  Now you can go back to the previous tab that has all your searches do another CNTL for another new Tab.  Now this works on any Win screen.  There is a way, in your browser, to force opening a link into a new tab every time rather than re-using a tab...but that is annoying.  CNTL works.  However, for this forum, it does NOT work on any browsing of the Lightning bolt links at the upper rt corner, if you use a user login.  It seems to only replace the contents of the existing viewing screen.

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    I'm not sure I understand your issue, but if you start at whatever you're calling the main home page, you'll get back there by clicking/pressing the browser back button.

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    Don't click one of the drop-down suggestions while entering your topic.  Press Enter after typing your topic.  You'll then get a Results page, which you could use as "Home."

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    Anybody ever typed the F-word in Search and pressed Enter?  Kinda funny.