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The Cord is Cut.

Saying goodbye from an account that has paid Cox monthly since 1978.

Was it the annual boost in cost due to a "Loyalty Program" expiring?  Was it the threats to possibly charge me to have a technician come out to help me regain service?  Or was it the lengthy waits to speak to a support person because they were experiencing "unusually heavy volume" of calls?

Actually it was because they quoted me a new rate after I dropped their overpriced and sluggish internet service, and later snuck in a $53 overcharge, and refusing to consider waiving it. 

Streaming now with YouTube and Netflix... Keeping all my programs, and saving almost $100/mo. Bye!

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    Just remember streaming uses data, in some cases, a LOT. 4K on Netflix can use as much as 8GB per hr. 

    Also remember most ISP's have data limits as well, and going over = extra costs.