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6 years ago

Stan Against Evil Missing Episodes On Demand


I was just wondering why episodes 7&8 of Season 3 aren't available On Demand. Every other episode from 1-6 is, but not the last 2 which aired some time ago.

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  • Hi AliceFaye,

    I'm showing that Season 3 Episodes 7 & 8 are currently available On Demand. Let's power cycle the Advanced TV receiver by unplugging the power for 15-20 seconds and then plug the power back in. Allow the receiver to go through its reset process. Please share the results.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      As expected, it's not a tv receiver problem. Resetting the box didn't bring up episodes 7 or 8.

      What's really annoying is episode extras  (behind the scenes)  from 7 and 8 are there, just not the whole episode, and episodes 1-6 are there till February.

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        Hi AliceFaye, I think Maria must have mistaken the Season 3 Episode 7 and 8 behind the scenes "extras" as the actual episodes. It doesn't appear that the network has provided us with Episode 7 or 8 yet. IFC is airing multiple episodes over the next several days. Episode 308 airs at 4:30am on Sunday, December 16th. Episode 307 airs at 5am on Tuesday, December 18th. Both episodes are available to watch online at Choose Cox as your provider and sign in with your Cox Primary user ID to watch -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator