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5 years ago

Sports recording got wrong game

I've set my contour box to record all Vegas Golden Knights games and it frequently records the wrong game. 

Tonight it recorded a top moments in hockey history show. A while back it recorded a Blackhawks game instead of the VGK vs Flames game and its done it several other times for as long as I've had the DVR. 

It's incredibly frustrating to come home from working late expecting to see how my team is doing and instead I get some other random stuff I don't want to see. 

Is there anything I should be doing in order to make sure it's always recording the knights game and not other random stuff? 

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  • Do you have a bunch of other games or other recordings set during the time frame that the Golden Knights games comes on? If so, the Golden Knights games may be set for a lower priority and are not recording because of this. You can check the priority of your recordings by bringing up the scheduled recordings screen, go down once and then back up. Scroll over to series priority and everything you have set to record will be in order by importance. You may want to move the Golden Knights up to the top to see if that makes any difference.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator