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6 years ago

Slight random flickering on CW

My Vizio HD tv intermittently flickers for half a split second every few minutes on CW channel,and makes a popping cracking sound on TruTV channel.I haven't noticed it on other channels but I haven't checked all of them.Also twice in a month the signal has went out for four or more hours giving an error code and message.They came and checked it out,said there had been no outages and that the box is working fine.All cables are in right and no lose wires.They seem to not be able to figure it out.I'm always afraid that when I change the channel it's going to do it again and I'm gonna be screwed again.It's just a matter of time.I nor anyone who works for Cox knows how to stop it from happening.

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  • Hi Kim, check the connections between your TV and the cable box to make sure none of the cables are crimped, damaged, or loose. Check the input ports on the TV and the cable box for signs of damage. Tighten any coaxial cable connections and firmly press any HDMI, component or composite cables into your TV and input devices. Your Vizio TV may include advanced audio settings that can cause popping sounds in your TV. One at a time, disable the SRSTruVolume, SRSTruSurround and Lip Sync settings in the television's "Advanced Audio" menu and see if the popping noises persist. Switching your audio source from "HDMI Auto" to "HDMI Fixed" may also resolve this issue by providing a stable audio stream to your TV. What other devices connect to your television? Most electronic devices emit radio waves, which can interfere with your television's signal. Remove extraneous devices away from your television. Disconnect video game consoles and DVD players while you are watching live TV and see if the sound persists. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator