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5 years ago

Shows not recording on second DVR

Sometimes my recorded shows don't show up on my second DVR. Space is available and some of the shows DO record on the second DVR. Is there something I'm supposed to do to ensure recordings appear on both DVRs?

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  • jedi...what is your it a single Host and separate client system...Contour2 or 1?  Or, do you have 2 separate DVR boxes connected to TVs in another room? Also, is yours a 6record or a 2record box?

    I have a 2record, 2 Contour2 boxes that are indifferent rooms.  One is named FamilyRm the other Office.  I sometimes get shows that are initiated on one box, appearing on the other.  I've been trying to get any user to dialog with me about issues or controlling which DVR gets which show.  No one, not even COX replies. 

    I always get shows recorded, unless there is a conflict of start times or # of records.  For contour2, toggle to the Recording and select the Recorded on (2nd line).  I then find my 2 device names.  Many times there are other recorded shows stored under either name.  The 2nd DVR has the same thing, however, on mine,....I cannot physically see shows that are stored on the other.