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5 years ago

Setting up a second DVR main box- Issues!


I’m trying to set up a DVR main box and this is the second box that I have tried from Cox. I’m also trying it on another TV and I have used multiple cables and I still cannot get the thing to work. So it’s definitely not a problem on my end. I only get a couple channels and then the rest say “to be announced” and that is it. For some reason Cox cannot get it to receive a signal. When I click on the Cox button on the remote, I go to customer service and do a receiver test. But the connectivity test failed I got a reference of 10.1. 7.2 and it says a serious problem has been detected. I get current value 33.2. With all the error codes that I’m getting no one can seem to figure out the problem. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!