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29 days ago

Service out 2nd time this weekend

Service just went out for 2nd time this weekend. We spend $400 ! MONTH ! For this.  Thunder Game's on at 8:30, and they're estimating service fixed at 9:30. Unacceptable. We have had cox for 32 years at this address.  And at least 10 years at our last address. We are about to fully retire and believe me cox is the first that will go at these prices and this poor service. I've teleworked since the beginning of covid and limped along with your slow internet service you've been to my house a month ago because we keep dropping service and here we are at 2 times in 3 days.  We CAN get OEC now for half this robbery with FIBER OPTICS.

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  • Cgordon 
    I'm so sorry you're experiencing a service interruption. I work from home too, so I know how important reliability is. I was able to use your forum credentials to locate your account and do see there is an outage. You can sign into the Cox app for outage information, including an estimated fix date and time. I really don't want to see you go. Since your concerns require account specific information to be discussed, and we would never ask you to share personal information publicly please send an email to with your full name, complete street address, a link to your post, and the details of your concerns. Due to the nature of your post being outside of the purpose of our community forums, I have turned off replies.