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5 years ago

Screensaver News

This is more of a suggestion than a question. Please, given our current existence in a COVID-19 world, can those writing text for screensaver news, please STOP sharing the latest deaths of any and all individuals around the world. I think that the death of someone is sacred and important, but I also think that this feed on our screens should not display every single death of every single person who may have acted or performed or played a sport in any capacity in the last several decades. We are hearing about deaths of individuals every day as a a result of the pandemic, so it would be great if this screensaver service could point to some other news or positive stories given the environment we now live in. Short of President Trump or the Queen of England or some other world leader passing, please stop. Today, there must have been three to four constant posts about individuals dying, unrelated to COVID-19 and not recognizable to most of the population without explanation.

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    Fortunately, I have the "news" feed disabled on my Contour screensaver because it's more about somebody's ideas of human interest than anything informative.

    I agree a screensaver is an odd place to put death notices.  Beautiful scrolling, decorative, interesting images blemished with "here's who's dead."  It's a mixed message.  It's like leadership at Cox doesn't sanity-check any lower-level ideas.

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      Amen. Thank you for your reply. Beautiful images, but horrible "news," which doesn't make any sense. We pay too high a bill, Cox Communications, to have bad journalism on our screensaver. I turned it off, too, but that's not enough to me. Just get rid of it and stop perpetuating all that is wrong in our culture today. If we don't start speaking up about this stuff, it's just going to continue and devolve. It's a small thing technically, but...

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        I just noticed screensaver news on app on roku, so it's not a cox product they just use it