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4 years ago

Same show simultaneously on multiple TVs

I'm having a few friends over for a Christmas gathering and I'd like to watch Christmas Vacation on multiple TVs at once.  I have 2 main master boxes and like 4 slave boxes.  I want the movie to show on the living room TV, the back porch TV, and the den TV simultaneously so that we can somewhat socially distance ourselves while still watching and saying hi and merry christmas to each other.  Is that possible?  Do I record it on the master then play it simultaneously from each box?

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  • @RickyBaw, If all of your boxes are networked together, you should have no issues with viewing the program on multiple tvs. I do recommend trying a recording to make sure there is no issues with this prior to your event. If you do experience issues with it, please make sure to reach back out to us. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Is the way I described it the way to do it?  Have it recorded then simply start the show on each TV or would I just start it on one and it would show on the others?

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        Yes, Just go into your device settings and scroll down to sync DVR.

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