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Roku, Firestick, etc app app in lieu of cable box

Can I have an update when COX will offer an app for a Ruko, Firestick, etc  to

watch cable TV programming in lieu of expensive per box rental fee.

Spectrum, Xfinity, and most recently I am reading Comcast.

now offers an app. 

Surprised COX is trailing the other cable companies.


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  • Hi Ken, I understand how important it is to be able to view TV programming on your selected device. While I don't have any information about when the Cox Contour App will be available for Roku or Firestick, I can tell you that we're still working behind the scenes to bring Contour to additional devices. Earlier this year we launched the Contour App on Apple TV devices! Thank you for your post! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I would think the Firestick and Roku would be far more popular than the Apple TV devices and

      I am a little disappointed, considering other cable companies for years have at least

      offered their equivalent to Contour, on a Roku.  I have seen and installed it for friends

      when visiting them  who use Spectrum Cable and I have to say it works great and saves them cable box rental fees.  I have read Comcast, Xfinity also have

      an app for Roku and I believe the more popular Firestick device too.   With cable bills get

      so expensive I would have thought COX would be a leader helping their customers and prevent

      them from cutting the cord.  I recently had to cancel all my movie channels due to a high monthly bill.