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12 months ago

Roku, Firestick, etc app app in lieu of cable box

Can I have an update when COX will offer an app for a Ruko, Firestick, etc  to watch cable TV programming in lieu of expensive per box rental fee. Spectrum, Xfinity, and most recently I am readin...
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    3 months ago

    I have to ask,  what is the problem?  I just got back from visiting relatives in Florida.

    They have Spectrum Cable.   They have had the app on their TV for a few years.  

    Their summer home is in Virginia where they have Xfinity.   Also have had an app for

    their Roku TVs.   The app works perfectly in both places.   It can't be the technology

    as other States offer it yet in Rhode Island you don't .   I have been asking for this

    app since the first time I watched TV on a Roku TV or one of their Roku sticks.

    With people leaving cable tv everyday moving to streaming you would think COX would

    do whatever it takes to hold on to their customers by letting them save money on what

    already is outrageously expensive.     Help me understand what the problem is.