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6 years ago

Remotes stopped working - Error code 4.1.3

I have new Contour boxes and Cisco remotes.

Two days ago, they all worked fine.

Suddenly, we cannot access the cable guide or change channels except by using the up/down arrows.

A really annoying message that our purchase function has been disabled and we should call and reference a code of 4.1.3.

I've been chatting with tech support for over an hour - he's had me reset the remotes and sent a reset code to the cable boxes, but nothing has changed.

He said we need new boxes and remotes - we just got these 2 months ago!  And if it's a hardware problem, why would it affect two boxes and three remotes? One of the remotes isn't even new!  This is NOT a hardware problem!

He can't seem to figure out what the 4.1.3. reference code means, either.

My account is past due, but I have an extension to pay, so that shouldn't be an issue, should it?

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