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6 years ago

Recording Issues

just need to know how to fix recording issues. While recording 4-5 shows some will not record saying due to “recording conflict “. Thought you could record up to 6 shows!

Thank you

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  • Hi Rexie, your Contour 2 host DVR has 6 tuners. These 6 tuners are shared by the DVR and client receivers. Let's say you have one host DVR and one client receiver. If someone is watching live TV on both devices, that leaves only 4 tuners available for recording. Watching On Demand content or playing back a saved DVR recording does not affect the number of simultaneous DVR recordings. So if only one device is being used to watch live TV, five tuners are available for recording. Does that make sense? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you for reaching out. Trying to understand- I have one tv in the living room where the main box is and one tv in the bedroom with one more small box. For today, I have only watched tv in the living room and I have 4 shows due to record tonight but one right now is showing recording conflict. 

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        Hi Rexie, just like in my example, your DVR and client receiver share 6 tuners. If your client receiver in the bedroom is not in use and you are watching live TV in the living room, you have 5 tuners available for scheduled recordings. Recording conflicts may also occur if you are recording a live sports event (the DVR auto-pads live sports with added recording time) or if you have a series recording that you've scheduled to end a minute or two past the show's actual end-time. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator