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6 years ago

Recording in the cloud vs DVR with hard drive

I am relatively new to Contour, and I am at my wits end. Cox set me up to record shows on their cloud server. When I try to watch a show recorded in the cloud, the playback is often interrupted by loss of picture, sound, or both, plus picture freezes. The frequency and severity of the problem varies, but at its worst, it renders the program unwatchable. During these periods, it is also impossible to use FAST FORWARD, as the picture freezes as the time line progresses, making it impossible to know when to stop FF. I have had three service calls, which have included replacing the coax in my house. The technician told me it was not at my end. Live TV does NOT have this problem, nor does ON DEMAND or streaming on Netflix.

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  • Hi Marcus4792. I apologize that you are having issues watching recordings. To get further assistance, please email and include this link along with your complete address and name on the account. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Did this get resolved? I too have had the same issues. 2 services call and had to switch back to a cox Dvr box for recordings. I want to go back to their cloud sever. 

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    I'd also like to know if you got this resolved too.  I'm also having the same problems and have the first service call tomorrow.  if it's so messed up I want the dvr with a hard drive back.

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      Hi Vegaschef75, what issues are you experiencing with the Cloud DVR? A playback issue impacting cDVR recordings in Phoenix and Las Vegas began on 5/21/19. Our video engineers are working to resolve this issue. We don't have an estimated time of repair, so we'll keep you posted. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Hi Becky,  It drops the sound of the program for a couple of seconds up to 15 seconds.  on tuesday I was Watching a program and about twenty minutes into a hour program it froze for about 10 seconds and stopped and a message on the screen said it was having problems and it would be on again the next day do you want to record it ( which I already have it set to record for its a daily show I record everyday) and the rest of the program I can't get to to watch.  yesterday I was watching the San Diego Padres game on 14 which I record every game. I watched till the 4 th inning and went shopping, thinking I could watch it after I came back.  I came back about an hour later and when I went into the dvr it said my NETWORK WAS NOT WORKING TRY BACK LATER. I was not able to watch the game.  I'm a disabled person so I watch alot of TV.  If I can't get it from cox I will be looking for a service that I can.  Even if I have had cox for almost 27 years.  And they had better not charge me with a service call today ether.