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6 years ago

Record Sports Live as Series

I like tennis but when I try to set up record, there is no series option for Live Sports.

Very frustrating as tennis is on for a whole week, or sometimes for two weeks, and to record using the Contour 2 you have to manually hit record for every day it is on.

Why cannot I record as a Series like other shows, since it is scheduled in the guide?

Example today on Tennis Channel is "Tennis:Brisbane ATP" and is on all week at the same time, hit record, and the only options are Confirm, Save, Stop, no other.

This is a major flaw for the Contour 2 box and Cox.

When I call this problem in and talk to a rep, they cannot see or understand what I am talking about and keep telling me to replace my box, super frustrating also!

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  • Hi Tennisguy, you aren't able to record tennis matches as a series because the networks label each day (and sometimes each match) individually. Golf events are the same way, unfortunately. For example, the Tennis channel is airing the following events this week:
    • Brisbane-ATP/WTA Semifinals, Pune-ATP & Hopman Cup Finals
    • Brisbane-ATP/WTA & Auckland-WTA Singles Finals
    • Brisbane-ATP/WTA & Auckland-WTA Singles Finals, Sydney-ATP Early Round
    • Brisbane-ATP/WTA, Auckland-WTA, Shenzhen-WTA & Pune-ATP Early Round, Hopman Cup Session 6 USA vs. SUI
    Each event is part of the same tournament, but the network provides us with separate titles for the Guide. To quickly set recordings for all of the week's tennis events, press the Guide button on your remote two times. This will bring up the Guide filter options. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Sports icon and press OK. Use the right arrow button to scroll through the list of sports until you get to Tennis. Click the down arrow 2 times to highlight the first match of the week. Press the OK button to select the match. You can press Info to see details about the match, or simply press OK to record the match. Use the right arrow to highlight and select each match that you want to record. This might be faster that searching through the full Guide. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator