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6 months ago

Recently subscribed to Showtime with Paramount plus

This package states you now have access to Showtime and paramount plus lineups, where you can access paramount plus via the contour app system.  So I purchased this bundle going yeah, I can stream paramount plus via the app! Well no I can't because no one told paramount to add Cox Cable as a provider. 

I contacted paramount plus to find out how to link cox to my paramount plus account and was told Cox Cable has not been added to thier list of acceptable providers.  In fact thier list only comprises of 5 providrs.  

Seems a bit shifty that I am paying for paramount plus with showtime througcoCox Cable but I cannot access paramount plus because Cox is not included in the lineup of providers to link up to.



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    Why do moderators keep posting links at the end of a sentence and include the period in the URL?  If you can't manage to avoid including the period, just omit it.   When they do that, do this:

    1. hover cursor over the link
    2. right-click
    3. select: copy link
    4. open a new window
    5. paste
    6. backspace once
    7. press enter

    It takes less than 10 seconds.

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    It looks like Paramount+ programming is really not included. It also looks like it is nothing but a "Showtime" title change which really is deceptive when getting people to sign up. Unless there is another way to the get to the Paramount+ content through Contour or something else changes, us Cox customers are simply out of luck.

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      Can you please provide a link that I can get to? I keep getting a "403 Forbidden Page" error with this link. I, too, am interested in why it states "Showtime with Paramount + is included" but then requires a stand alone subscription to stream the content. 

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      Unless I am reading the description for the subscription, it does state we can access paramount plus via the Contour App.  No where does it state one is required to have a seperate subscription through paramount plus itself.  The verbiage states:

      "A subscription now includes Paramount+ with SHOWTIME East & West channels, 12 SHOWTIME multi-plex channels including The Movie Channel, plus Paramount+ with SHOWTIME On Demand and through the Contour TV App."

      Again, no where does it state a seperate subscription through paramount plus is requires.  If anything, it implies once you subscribe through Cox, access through the Contour app is included.  If I have to subscribe directly to paramount plus, why the heck would I bother subscribing through Cox too?  This is deceptive and criminal.  

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        Same problem here. I signed up for it with a cox rep and cox is not listed as a partner for ""  sign in....useless. Looks like this was not setup correctly by cox and paramount+. Why does cox offer this when it clearly doesn't work?  I spoke to tech support and they are clueless...just read from a script that doesn't work. Unless Cox is added to the Paramount+ provider list, this subscription is useless.

        I canceled this service and asked for a refund plus compensation with wasting my time.

        Cox needs to make sure services work before offering them to customer.