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7 years ago

Program Reminder for spanish

So I set up a reminder for the Oklahoma City Thunder games. I get two reminders, one for espn English and one for espn Spanish. The Spanish channel requires a subscription so  I cant even tune to that station if I wanted to. WHY WOULD I GET A REMINDER FOR CHANNELS IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE FOR CHANNELS I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO?. Furthermore, I called support and they told me I cant even remove the reminder for the Spanish channel. This is completely wrong! I can click on the dismiss button but it is really annoying. 

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    I am not recording it, It is a reminder. I need to remove any all reminders from stations that are in spanish!

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    Along the lines of Spanish and Premium Channels.... have you ever considered Color Coding the Spanish Language and/or Premium Channels for Customer ease and as a way to show Basic Customers what they are missing (Premium Channels)

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    Hello Jrhilliard,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media. This is a really good idea and our leaders review the posts. If this is implemented in the future you will receive notification on your bill under news and views. Thank you