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Please redesign the Contour remote.

I recently converted to Contour. The remote control is an oblong box. Without looking at it or in the dark, I can't tell if it upside down or rightsize up. The control should have a narrow side to make it more convenient. I can't believe others aren't having the same issue. The old remote was designed to immediately feel the proper position. 

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    Not saying you are wrong, it is an oblong box, but it's heavier at the bottom, so if you grab it slightly let it loose, if it tries to flip out of your hand, you have it upside down.  It does help that it lights up when moved, too, but you said you didn't want to have to look at it.  Also, the top is smooth and the bottom has the indented Cox logo, if that helps at all.  The battery compartment cover also has a small raised line that you won't feel it you are holding it upside down.  I am really trying to help, not being sarcastic.  You could also put a sticky rubber foot on the Cox logo so you could feel for that, $1 for a bunch of them at Dollar Tree.

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