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4 years ago

Picture zoomed when turned on first thing in morning

As of Sept. 1st, when I got up in the morning, I turned on our LG Super UHD Smart TV, and noticed the picture was zoomed in; where I could only see half of a person or half of the screen. I then changed the channel to a different one, and the picture was perfect. I then changed back to the original channel, and the picture then was perfect on that channel. As I stated, this started on Sept. 1st, and every day since then it happens first thing in the morning when the TV is turned on.

Now, through out the day the TV is turned on, and off several times, and the picture is fine. Only when turned on in the morning. we have our main Contour receiver (model C2XG1HOSTDVR) which is connected to the smart TV (LG); We have 2 Contour Client boxes (model C2XiDHDCLIENT) which are connected to our bedroom TV, and our home office TV.. 

On the 3rd of Sept I decided to try something different, and turned on the TV in our bedroom first to see how the picture was, and it was fine. I then turned on the main TV in the living room, and there was the zoomed in picture. I changed the channel, and changed back, and the picture was again fine.

I guess the question is, do I need to exchange the main box, or is this a different problem all together? We've had this Contour box for 4-5 years. 

I do have a photo of how the picture looks when ZOOMED in if needed.

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    Hi JAC95606,

    That is a very interesting situation. It sounds like the main box is zooming in the picture. Have you tried to switch the boxes around to see if the main box will show a zoomed-in picture in the morning on a different smart tv?

    Ben S.
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