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5 years ago

Picture quality with mini box

Recently did my self upgrade (love this option).  For some reason, I received 1 larger STB and 3 mini STBs.  I put the larger one in the living room and a mini in the man cave.

Seems to me the mini has worse picture quality especially with fast moving sports.  A bit of jitter and pixilation.  Not terrible but perceptible to me.

Question:  I'm I crazy?  Is there a difference in video processing hardware in the mini?   Does it make sense to get a large STB for man cave?

Both are putting out 1080p via HDMI.  Man cave is 4K vs 1080p in LR.  Will mess around with TV settings to see if that helps.

Thanks for any input

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    Hi Hickey, here's some information regarding our video display settings:

    If you're experiencing pixelation, this is generally an indication of a signal issue. I would recommend rebooting the whole Contour system, to see if that provides some relief. If the issue resolves itself but then continues to pixelate later, our best course of action would be to send out a service technician to the home. Please also make sure all connections are free of damage and tightly secured. This includes any splitters or amplifiers you may also have in the home. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator