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6 years ago

PACE PX022ANX and sling box 500 RF/IR

Good Morning-

I got a sling box 500 over the weekend and attempted to hook it up with little success, tried HDMI friday and I am assuming it is HDCP protected as I got nothing to appear using the sling box for desktop app (using windows 10), connecting it through composite cable (this model of cable tv box only has HDMI, composite, and COAX) I was able to get a picture, but I am unable to change the channel using the desktop app because as far as I know the sling box only supports IR blast for channel changing, and the PACE PX022ANX box only has RF in the menu.  It's possible that I am missing a setting somewhere on the cable box that would allow it to switch to IR from RF, or use both at the same time.  Has anybody been successful in connecting a sling box to the PACE PX022ANX? 

Thanks for any help/advice!

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