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2 years ago

Ongoing Tuning Adapter reboots with TiVo's

When Cox "updated" their system in the Phoenix metro area, it started the tuning adapters to reboot on a regular basis causing any programs being recorded or live broadcasts to be lost. I have filed a ticket with Cox and have spoken with various representatives including "corporate support" but absolutely nothing has been done by Cox to fix the issue in two and a half months!!  They say they are aware and working on the issue but they can't give any updates regarding what the problem is or any fix that may be upcoming. I am fairly sure, at this time, that with the FCC ruling that cable companies no longer have to support cable cards, they are trying to get rid of them regardless if they lose customers which seems to be what Cox wants.

It is ridiculous for a company involved heavily in IT to not be able to find what a problem is and fix it. They are simply waiting for tuning adapter users to quit using them and seek programing elsewhere or, for an additional amount, rent their DVR which is not nearly as functional as the Tivo is.  As this seems to be the path they are following and they will not fix the issue.  I have filed a complaint with the FCC as well as the City of Phoenix and both are open as of now.  The response of Cox to the FCC is the same BS they have been feeding us. However, I recommend every user with this issue file a complaint with the FCC and with the department in their city that oversees cable service. Let the Cox representatives get more paperwork and get frustrated with this issue just as we have.  Simply Google FCC Complaint and follow the online complaint form instructions. The same for your city.  I have determined that the City of Phoenix has put this issue on the back shelf and is not actively seeking answers such as the FCC is.

By admission of a particular Cox representative, this issue is affecting some 2000 customers that Cox would rather lose or have them get their DVR for additional income and not have to fix the rebooting issues. 

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    All - I will put this in a couple of posts about TiVo, Cable Card and Tuning Adaptor issues. About 5 weeks ago my TiVo did not get any live TV anymore. Tuning adapter and Cable Card could not be found by TiVo. After swapping out cards, TAs and even a brand new TiVo it turns out TiVo needs a specific frequency 110.25 in order to be able to work. For whatever reason that frequency was gone on my cable. Once that was turned back on - tata..everything worked again. 

    Thank you Cox Support for sticking with me and all the troubleshooting. 

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      Glad to hear your issue has been resolved and for sharing this information.

      Jonathan J
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      @Eagle89134, For specific account related concerns, we recommend sending an email to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • My own struggles with the TIVO Tuning Adaptor now extend to roughly 4 months.  I've talked with a multitude of hard working, honest support folks who have tried to solve this problem.  Each time it gets raised to the tier 3 engineering, the ticket is silently closed with a weak excuse.  No check with me to see if the problem is resolved.  No notification to me that the ticket was closed.  Just a summary closure.  I have to call in to check, then the support person reads me the excuse.  First excuse 1) Customer has switched to Contour and no longer needs TIVO - false.  I tried a contour box, didn't like it, and returned it.  Both TIVO remained on the account during this period.  Second excuse 2) Cable card pairing issue diagnosed and fixed.  Hmmm. There was no pairing issue, it was a TA issue.  And the misguided fix didn't fix anything.

    I would urge the COX support staff to press their supervisors for a real resolution to this issue.  COX is keeping them in the dark and encouraging them to offer false information to their subscribers.

    I deeply suspect that COX has made upgrades to their network that are incompatible with the TIVO Tuning Adaptor. If this problem is unsolvable, then COX should admit it and formally withdraw support the TIVO.  Continuing to promise a solution when they likely know exactly what is wrong is insulting to your customers and an example of extremely poor corporate ethics.

  • @Desert Rat. I realize how frustrating the rebooting of tuning adaptors can be. We are currently aware of this issue and engineers are currently working to resolve it as quickly as possible. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      From what I have read on this forum and others, Cox has made changes in the ways signals are sent out to the tuning adapter causing it to reboot. These changes are in preparation for the way TV signals are sent out in the new system that will be released sometime in the future. Your (Cox) failure to correct this issue and the fact that TiVo is "dumping" current model DVR's at very low pricing to probably reduce their inventory due to these units becoming obsolete in the near future as well.