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3 years ago

One screaming brat commercial wasn't enough now there's another one!!!

I don't think Cox realizes how badly these commercials reflect on them. It makes loyal customers like me wonder "How stupid can they be to think this is good effective advertising! These screaming kid commercials are the WORST thing I have ever seen. The kid is not cute, he is a little brat who screams for no reason at all. GET THESE OFF THE AIR!!!!!

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    There is definitely a disconnect between marketing and responsible adults nowadays.  Marketers present these commercials as though they're talking to children or imbeciles.  They'll pander to you, attempt to "awaken" you, use cartoons or scream and shout.  Commercials were always annoying but now they're just gross.

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    I don't see anyone dropping Cox despite all the complaints. Lots of lip service though. I think the commercials are cute...they make me realize how good it is to be well beyond my child-rearing age!

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      Were you diapering your pillows before seeing this commercial?