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7 years ago

On screen guide messed up

What happened to the on screen guide in Contour? Yesterday was fine, no issues. This morning the guide is not right.  There's no favorites, hd channels. nothing. The only way to see the channels in the guide is to switch to "all channels" which is a pain in the butt. Anyone else having this issue and how do I fix it? I've already rebooted and updated the boxes, but still nothing.

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    In Phoenix,  most of the SD (non-HD) channels are now showing HD.  so my guide has 2 entries for every channel.  10 and 1010 are both HD Channel 10.   This change occurred today.  There is bound to be some confusion and disruption during the changeover.  But we won't know until people post on the forum.  Thanks for posting. 

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      Hi Yak,

      Changes to the Cox channel lineup are announced a month or two in advance in the "News From Cox" section of your monthly statement. We apologize if you missed the notification.

      Maria L.
      Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        Maria - you really fail to miss the point of the customers complaints.  Just because it was printed in the statement does NOT MEAN that the customer understands the change.  Don't you realize that the FAVORITE SEARCH HAS NOW DOUBLED IN SIZE???  This is RIDICULOUS. 

  • Hi Spencenvickie,

    Cox made changes to the channel lineup which impacted the location of High Definition (HD) channels for customers with a Contour receiver. Beginning today, June 19, 2018, when an HD channel is available, the HD channel will replace the Standard Definition channel that is currently available below channel 1000. Channel positions of networks that do not have an HD version will remain unchanged. For Contour DVR customers, any scheduled recordings in HD will not be affected by this change, including recording scheduled of recurring series. The following link will assist:

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Why doesn't this mapping work in San Diego? I have cablecard and contour 1 (the old box). Is this ONLY for the new Contour receivers?

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    Maria just has the same boiler plate response to all the complaints about this stupid software change.  But she does not list a solution.  We don't need a channel list.  We need to have a return to the way it was.