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6 years ago

On Demand Free Movies not providing correct infrmation

On Demand lists incorrect

information about the movie featured.  I constantly leaves out the names of the principal stars, and substitutes names of the director, producer, supporting characters etc.  It is impossible to determine if you want to see that movie with "Arthur Freed" rather than the true star, Gene Kelley.  It is silly and annoying.  I have complained about this before, but to no avail

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  • Hi Nan Nan,

    Thanks for reaching out to us through Cox Forums. Please share some Movie titles that is not displaying correct information. We can investigate this for you.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      O.K.  Today I have two examples:  TAXI Driver starring:  :John and Michael Phillips: Paul Schrader: Martin Scorsese--------Showboat::  starring   John Mahin; Charles Rosher; Georgr Sidney.  .  Just look up who the real stars of these films are and you will see what I mean.   It seems to be worse on TCM.  Somebody is playing an inside joke, I think. 

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        @Nan Nan

        Can you check to see if this is also happening on other boxes? I'd also suggest disconnecting power from the box for 2 minutes and reconnecting to see if a reset helps.