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2 years ago

OANN Please!!!!!

So we have another news network on channel 121, which is great because I'm a news junkie.  But seriously, how long does it take a major cable provider like Cox to get OANN in their lineup of channels?  People have been asking for it for several YEARS now.  

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    It depends on the number of people asking for it. If 100 people out of 3 million ask for it, it's probably not going to happen. :(

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      If 100 people out of 3 million ask for it

      No matter how many times that 100 people ask, Cox probably doesn't want to spend the money.

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      I ain't no rocket surgeon, but Cox added Dog TV with only 9 mentions of "Dog TV" or "DogTV" in the Forum; however, Cox has yet to add OAN with 76 mentions of "OAN" in the Forum.

      These requests are just in the Forum but might be representative of the cumulative requests via email, social media, chat, phone, letters, Solution Stores.  If Cox added Dog TV after 90k requests, Cox ignored 760k requests for OAN.

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        Perhaps "DogTV" cost less then OAN. Unfortunately providers don't make that info public. I think they should.

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