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No DVR functionality when cable service interrupted.

Last night the cable service and internet went out in my neighborhood. OK, so stuff happens. But what annoyed me is that during the outage, I couldn’t even watch content that was already stored on my Contour DVR !!! Why? Is this just another bug in that miserable Arris box Cox has inflicted on us?

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    Hi Rooibos, we apologize profusely for the service interruption the other evening. Typically, during an outage, there is an issue with the signal going through the cable line; this can cause all of your services to function to their fullest potential, including DVR content on the hard drive.

    We did have a dedicated maintenance team do some work in your area. Cox's goal is to ensure these outages are resolved in a timely manner. The status of the outages can also be tracked using our Cox Connect Mobile App. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator

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      Can you explain how to check/track outages?  I have the app and cannot find any info in it.

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      Thanks for the quick response Kevin.  However I still can’t quite understand why playing back recorded content requires a live cable connection.  Is Cox tracking my viewing habits?  Or is it, as I said, a bug in the box software?

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        From what we were told during our original training on the Contour 2 system, the remote commands are actually ran through servers on our end and not necessarily the box itself like previous platforms. So if the box is experiencing connection/signal issues, you would not be able to do any of your normal commands at that time. Seems a bit strange, but that is how this platform works.

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