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3 years ago

New user of contour 2- power all button on remote doesn't work.

When paired with both my TV and stereo, the power all button doesn't do anything. When paired with TV only it DOES work. When paired with TV and stereo, TV power button only controls the stereo. Ster...
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    3 years ago


    Sequence that worked -

    9-8-1 to reset remote

    allowed system to pair to TV - worked as expected

    When asked to pair to Panasonic - I let it start (NOT SKIP - that never worked) but did not enter Panasonic when asked what device it was.

    While screen asking what sound device I wanted to pair was being displayed, I pressed SETUP button, then entered code from website for my model Panasonic and Pressed OK

    Pressed EXIT from setup screen

    TV power button turns TV on/off

    ALL power button turns both devices on/off! - channel change works. Volume change works! 

    I assume my contour box does NOT turn off so I set contour box display to off. 

    Life is good!

    Key was never letting system enter its own code - that never worked AND not telling it to skip pairing to sound device - that also never worked!!