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6 years ago

New Contour Client Resets to Startup Menu Every Night

I have recently added an 8th Contour box to my home.  This client is located in a weatherproof box outside on my deck.  When I turn on the TV after being idle for a longer period of time the screen is at the initial setup screen.  I have to name the TV, pair my remote using the setup button and pressing three numbers, etc.  This is EVERY time that it's off for a while.  If I'm watching TV and turn it off and right back on, no problem.  Yes, very odd.  The issue is only happening on the new Contour client box.  All the other boxes work fine.

I've contacted Cox technical support and did a reset but that didn't help (of course I didn't know that until the TV had been off overnight).  I've exchanged client boxes and still the same issue so it's not a faulty Contour client box.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

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    Is the client box plugged into an outlet that us controlled by a switch?  It sounds like the box may be losing power as some point overnight.

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      No, the outlet is not controlled by a switch.

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        Jdchusker, How long is the receiver going between uses? I'm wondering if it is off long enough to drop out of your network, though it shouldn't lose setting as long as the power isn't removed for long periods of time. -ColleenD., Cox Support Forums Moderator