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5 years ago

New Contour box not showing scheduled recordings

I just had my previous Contour box swapped out this morning with a new one because the old one just stopped working. Because of that I lost the entire run of a couple of shows that I was watching. I am trying to set the scheduling to rebuild those shows, but the SCHEDULED SHOWS is not showing the shows that I have set to be scheduled. I am trying to tape "Mom" and it is on lots of channels like Paramount, Nickalodeon, CBS, and others. It is only showing as being scheduled for recording on a local independent. When I go to GUIDE, it does not show the red dot. When I click on a show that should be recorded, I can individually select the episode, or select the entire show (across every channel). I should be able to choose the latter and every time it appears it records. This box does not seem to be doing that. I am choosing "New and Repeat" episodes, by the way.

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  • FriedaD....if I get your thoughts on want to record 'Mom" from every channel that it appears on, like Paramount, Nick, CBS...etc, even if Duplicate?  Are you trying to capture New ones as well as Repeats, and are these also appearing OnDemand?  Interesting.  Is there any chance that you exceed the max records at one timestamp (either 2 or 6)?

    If you want all the duplicates, then I'm not sure why the Schedule does not show and the red series dot don't associate in the Guide display.

    If you don't want duplicates, another way is to select the Info Button on the specific show, then slide to Episodes.  If there are multiple seasons/episodes available either on future TV dates, DVR or OnDemand, you could hit the Red Record button and manually record the show.  The max record/dvr will hamper your records of too many.  Again, I'm not quite sure what you intention is at this point.  Also, there is an "Other Time" icon that sometimes gives alternate occurrences of the same show.