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5 years ago

My dvr XRI-A box is not show conflict recordings

I have the contour 2 dvr service and I have 3 items that look like they will record (and they should not). One program never records but in the past I was able to choose which program would not record.  Why is the dvr service not informing me of a conflict recording?

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    Hi Chele, here is some information about our Contour 2 DVR service, If you have the Record 2 service, it allows you to record up to two shows at one time, if the Contour 2 system is not in use. If you are watching Live TV, then the system will only record one show. The Record 6 DVR service is the same way, with 5 shows being set to record if one receiver is in use.

    Does the content you are recording all air at the exact same time? To my understanding, if this is the case, then the content will be recorded at another time that does not conflict (if this is set to new and all episodes to record). The content you are recording, is this set to "new episodes only" or "all episodes?" If you need any troubleshooting assistance at all, please feel free to email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Thanks for your response.  Yes the shows are airing at the same time.  There used to be a tag on the show indicating to me that there was a "recording conflict" and with a message saying which one would not record... in case you wanted to edit what you wanted to record.

      Now the DVR service has no message or tag to indicate a conflict.  all 3 shows at 10 pm say they will record.  I know that's not true because I cannot record more than 2 shows at a time.  The result is 2 of the shows record as expected and the other show never records.  If I don't pay attention, I will not know what show was not recorded until I try to watch what was recorded.

      I only start having this issue when i got a replacement DVR cable box being the Arris XR1 model.  I had a different cable box before.

      I suggest more functionality in the DVR software.  I would also like to see a list of all of the series I record.  Seeing a list would then allow me some control to delete or know what shows i am recording.  This is helpful if you have to exchange to a new box.   I tend to set many recordings and trust that conflicts will be indicated to me so that I know what shows to prioritize.  

  • Chele...I finally figured from your 2nd post what your discussion was about.  RIght on!.. I too noticed that the new Contour, 2record (more noticeable than 6record)...that there is no indication of a 2 record conflict.  Now, if 2 are recording and you want to Watch a live show, there may be a conflict notice.

    Your list of seeing the series may be found under the Scheduled.  There is a "View: and "Series Priority."  You can change the order of priority, or delete (D) one you don't want.  I'm assuming the order allows you to move up/down which shows come first.

    My peeve here is that in the series record, you are not allowed to indicate a specific TIME when you want an episode to record.  Many times a specific episode is repeated at different times.  If you knew you had a conflict (currently not being notified), you could force a different time for that conflict.  Of course, COX's answer is for you to do a Record only the specific show at a given time, and not use the series.  I end up series record New most of the time.  IF New shows are not available, then Repeats, then I go back and delete/cancel the conflict shows or the duplicates that show at a different times.

    My other quirk, is that I have a 2nd DVR on my other TV.  Not just a host and client.  When 2 show conflicts occur, I believe although not exactly sure, that the 2nd DVR picks up the show.  Sometimes I see the kids recording showing up on my TV.  Cox came out but they said "never seen a 2 DVR setup that you may want to totally independently record their own shows.  A  filter was added, but not sure if effective...Whew!

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      Thanks for the tip about seeing the series..  Sure wish I could delete some series.  And this list must be linked to my account rather than just the DVR box.  I thought if I traded in my DVR box, I would lose my program listings.

      I agree with the quirks of the DVR service. I finally got a recording conflict notice besides a program for recordings at 9 pm, but I did not see it for the 4 recordings i just set to start at 10 pm.  Weird??

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        Chele....series is just a little more involved, but there definitely more options with Contour 2.  My 2 records on a box...well I'm still trying to get a feel for it.  Canceling a scheduled recording after setting a series still leaves an entry in the daily list.  Also, for me, the TIME feature that is lost so I cannot schedule a Series at a specific time (esp when it is a Repeat show) is a pain.

        You should be able to delete an old or gone series by the Priority column and either delete entry or "D" button on remote.  D works for any delete and is a step faster than moving the cursor.

        I have not tested multiple records.  I believe my 2 separate DVR boxes add a degree of complexity to my recordings.  COX placed a line filter to try an separate my boxes from seeing each other.  Scheduled shows appear on both, however, only one box records.  So far, the kids have their own records, but I have seen some recorded on myine...maybe when there was a conflict.