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3 months ago

Multiple DVR Issues

We've had the Contour Preferred DVR plan for about a year. Last spring, we had to replace the box because it would freeze up and take up to 10 minutes to reboot. We lost a lot of recordings when we replaced the box. 

In the past few weeks, we've been having multiple issues.

  • Pixelation issues including: video freezes while sound continues, video breaks up while sound continues, and both picture and sound are garbled.
  • Playback freezes, then restarts
  • Playback freezes, then on screen prompts to delete the recording (even if it's only 5 minutes into an hour recording)

I've rebooted the box and checked to make sure the connections are tight. We don't watch shows live very oftern, but have noted very minor pixelation, but no where near what shows up on the recordings.

This has been getting worse and is even occurring on some shows that were recorded about 5 months ago. I'm guessing the box is failing, so we've been furiously trying to get caught up on some series that we had been recording for months before I try to get a new box.

Any suggestions on other things I might try to address the issue?


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    It was the 2nd defective DVR! Tuesday afternoon, it started freezing, not even responding to the power button. After unplugging and replugging before going to bed, the box was still displaying "boot" the following morning. Went to the COX store and got a new box, which is now working exactly as expected.

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    You may have had two defective DVRs, but your symptoms also occur with a weak signal.  If that's the cause, there may not have been anything wrong with either DVR.  Have you had a tech check your signal since the issue started a year ago?  You should do that before swapping another DVR and losing recordings again since a new box might not solve your issue.

     If you don't have Cox Complete Care, you might consider subscribing ($10/month).  If Cox doesn't find an issue with their signal or equipment, they'll charge you $75 for a tech visit that would be covered by CCC.  You can cancel after 90 days.  It you cancel earlier, Cox will bill for the tech visit.

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    I am so vey sorry to learn of your issues and we can help.  Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at  Be sure to share your name, address and the URL so that we can identify you.  


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