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6 years ago

MLB Extra Innings package

Second year I have had this baseball package with COX. Had it over 10 years with Time Warner in NY and never had an issue.

The channels work about half the time and I'm not talking about blackouts.

COX **, I brought this to their attention and called like 10 times, never fixed and wouldn't reimburse me for the Sucky channel.

COX is the worst EVER!

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  • Hi Swc87,

    I'm sorry to hear you've experienced so much frustration and we appreciate the opportunity to investigate and troubleshoot why a game isn't showing. If there is a technical issue happening that cannot be resolved remotely, then we would recommend scheduling a service technician to help troubleshoot to see if there is an issue with signal interference. I understand the MLB Extra Innings subscription is coming to an end. Have we had a technician appointment reserved for you to help in diagnosing the issue?

    Cox Support Forums Moderator