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7 years ago

Locked content using starz app

I use the Starz app on firetv and have a vast majority of the movies locked. If I try to watch I get a message about upgrading my account. Has anyone else experienced this?  I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no luck. That was cox customer support solution. 

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  • Hi Laryn,

    Are you logged into the Starz app with your Cox Primary Username?

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    Yes, I do use my primary user ID, and I have the same issue on all three of my Fire Sticks as well as when I tried using the app on my Iphone.  So it doesn't seem to be a Fire issue, it is either a Cox or Starz issue.  I also checked the Starz channels on my cable box, and all of my Starz channels are working correctly. 

  • Laryn

    I'll need to take a look at your account. Please send an email to: and include your full address and the account holder's name. Please add a reference in the email that this is regarding a Cox Forums post.

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