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7 years ago

I've had it with COX

So I get rid of cable.  I just have internet.  For the handful of shows I watch I have no problem just streaming.

I work from home now and needed a faster internet.  Didn't want TV anymore, I have Sling and Netflix. that's all I need

Was given a great rate for the Internet.  NOTHING was said about some Contour Flex Starter  bull___  which I found when looking at my most recent bill.

I check out my bill and see i'm being charged 32.98 for TV, that I don't have.

So I call, and Danny says, well you can watch it on an android device, 

Well Danny, I have  50" TV why would I do that?  (stumped him)  but hey I have access to 75 channels on my freakin phone..

He sends me to Louis...who has 2 whole years experience with Cox... wow, impressive.

Louis says, oh that's a promotional deal. If you just want internet it will cost more than what i'm paying now. (basically telling me, yeah you were lied to and ripped off when you got rid of the TV portion of your service)    You can use your "Contour Flex Starter" package on an android device or tablet....

Louis I have a 50" TV. I don't watch TV on my phone.   Well you can get the app on your Smart TV. (which I've been trying now and it doesn't freakin work on the freakin tv... just keep going in a circle)

So basically I'm "F'd" either way is what I wanted to say,

So now my bill is cheaper than just the internet, but I have to pay a monthly charge for a TV package I don't have access too.

Just another way for a large company that has a monopoly on a product and is screwing everyone over.  Making them angry and frustrated

So i'm going to rant about COX to all their internet competitors, for a better deal.

I'm so sick of COX and their manipulation and they way they con and rip off their customers.

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  • MsRedLucy,

    I wouldn't like that either. I'd like to look at this for you.

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