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Is there a way to shrink the font or remove the "watched times" of programs for DVR recordings?

I have multiple recordings with similar titles that are long and I can't tell which show is which. The part of the title that differentiates the different recordings is cut off on the far right so I have no idea scrolling up or down which show is which. Is there a way to shirk the font so I can view the entire title or get rid of the column on the right that shows how much of a program I've watched?

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    You can see the entire title in Contour by turning on "Guide Animation".  This will cause the title to scroll to the left which will enable you to see all of a long title.

    Settings > Guide Options > Other Settings > Guide Animation > On  

    Does Contour 2 have "Guide Animation"?

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      No, contour2 doesnt have that option or menu tree