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7 years ago

IR Sensor on Pace XiD-P Contour (2) Box?

Like several folks on this forum (and with no clear answer), I have a need to utilize the IR sensor on the Pace XiD-P Contour (2, I believe) cable box. (This is one of the several "client" boxes I have in various rooms which is used in conjunction with the main/"Master" Cisco 9865HDC cable box.) I want to use an IR Blaster from a legacy product to control one of these boxes with an IR remote, while still being able to use the standard RF (XR11) remote while in the room, and I understand the XiD-P offers both the RF & IR interface capability. Normally, you can see any IR Sensor on a box (as can easily be seen on the front of the master Cisco 9865HDC box), but the XiD-P has a thick plastic outer strip blocking any view of the sensor. And although several online sites show the sensor location for this box either on the left or right front of the box, none seem to work, likely either because 1) the plastic strip is blocking, and/or 2) the IR sensor is not actually present. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to overcome this to use the IR sensor interface? Thanks in advance! Jim P. Irvine, CA

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  • Hi JimP123,

    The information we have locates the IR sensor on the Pace XiD receiver on the far left side of the front panel (when facing the front of the box). It's possible that the IR sensor on your receiver isn't functioning properly. You can test this by using your Contour remote. The color of the remote LED indicates whether the remote is operating in IR or RF mode, as shown in the table at If you are able to determine that the IR sensor on the receiver isn't functioning, you can swap the box at your local Cox Solutions Store.

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    Thank you, Becky - that was very helpful! 
    One last question: When in IR-only mode, does the Contour (2) XR11 remote transmit the IR signal to the XiD-P client boxes (or to the 'Master' Cisco 9865HDC box) in the older, low-frequency range (like the standard mini-boxes), or in the newer, high-frequency range?
    Thanks again!
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    While the XR11 remote uses the 2.45 GHz band for RF, I cannot say at what frequency it operates in IR-only mode.

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    I've never had that particular box.

    I had a CMX013 (main box, not client) that worked great with a stick-on IR emitter.

    I had to have it replaced due to picture freeze issue, and they gave me a GSX9865. It is VERY fiddly about IR placement. PLUS in the latest versions, they slapped a Cox logo over part of the sensor!

    Use a strong flashlight to look for the sensor. Try shining the flashlight at different angles. The GSX9865 seems to have TWO sensors, and I speculate it your emitter has to hit BOTH sensors, so won't work well with a stick-on - better with a remote or blaster at a distance. This means if you put the box in a cabinet, it will be difficult.

    Your box might have a similar arrangement. See if you can see two sensors, side-by-side, maybe an inch apart.

    I gave up and cut the cord. Between the sensor problem and reset of 1080p/5.1 back to 720p/stereo every night (at "update" time) and the every-increasing cost, I decided that an over-the-top service and antenna TV suits me fine.

    P.S. the 9865 responds (when it responds) to XFinity X-1 commands, which you should find in most universal remotes or remote apps, etc. The technology is licensed from Comcast. Cox rebrands it as Contour 2. You might find the codes listed under Comcast or XFinity. I'd imagine your client boxes use the same codes, give it a try.