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6 years ago

Instead of a recording showing "Watch" it says "Options"

Why do some recordings on my DVR when I go to watch them say "options" where it should show "watch" or "resume"? I don't want options, I want to watch the show.

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  • Hi coxprblms,

    Some recordings on your DVR will say “OPTIONS” if there is a repeat of the program on another day or if the program is currently available on On Demand.

    Maria L.
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      That seems like a really strange option. If I've gone in to the DVR and I've highlighted the program to watch, why would I want to go in to another menu and choose to view it on demand when its already on my DVR and all I have to do is hit "play"?

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        Hello Coxprblms, the options are there for other reasons as well. For instance, some people may want to purchase a season of their favorite TV show or rent/purchase their favorite movie. By offering our customers options and variety, this can help enhance the Contour experience. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator