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How to watch On Demand version when episode has been recorded

I recorded several different TV episodes where the last half was just the weather maniacs going nuts with airtime showing useless pictures of rain in the dark.  I want to watch the ON DEMAND version of the episodes but the stupid Contour box will only allow me to watch the version of the episode that is recorded on DVR.  That is stupid.  Is there a way around that?

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  • Hello. We can look into this issue for you. What program/show and episode(s) are you trying to watch?
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      Chicago PD episode 21 is one of them.  I think other major network shows in same time slot, too.

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        Hi JRR, it appears that episode 21 of Chicago PD is missing from the Contour 2 On Demand library. I'm sorry! This may be why your receiver is pulling the episode from the DVR. I've submitted a ticket so our video On Demand administrators can contact NBC regarding the files for episode 21 of Chicago PD. We'll let you know as soon as the episode is available in the Contour 2 On Demand library. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator