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How to use XR11-RF remote to control volume on the HDMI cable coming out of a Contour mini-box?

My main Contour box is in the Living Room. I have a Contour mini-box in my kitchen.
Connected to the Contour mini-box is a Samsung T37F LED Monitor which has no audio.
I have a HDMI to audio adapter connected to Logitech speakers.
I'd like to be able to control the volume using the volume button on the XR11-RF remote.

Channel works fine. It gives a green light and changes the channel.
Volume does not work. It gives a red light and does nothing.

I checked some Forum answers.
All the forum answers are outdated.
7-9 years old.
Please provide updated instructions on how to program the remote to control the volume on the HDMI cable coming out of the Contour mini-box.

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      No help. The steps don't track with the XR11-RF controller.

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        I think what you need is the code to disable volume lock, which bonds the volume buttons to the TV function. The old code was 993. I found this, which mentions a way to change the bond to another device, but I don't think there is a way for it to default to cable function. Sorry. Maybe someone else will have a better idea. Good luck!

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    The red light on the XR11 means its sending an IR command.  Does the Logitech have an IR receiver or come with a remote?