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2 years ago

How do I receive credits for outages that were promised?

I was out of service for months at a time in 2022.  Yet I kept getting fully billed for TV Japan, as well as Contour TV preferred for months of outages.  It was finally fixed when they discovered the root cause.  I never received the credits I was promised on the phone by a Cox customer service representative for the extended TV outages in my area, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Recently I had a problem with my credit card, so Cox immediately bills me an additional $25. 

Is Cox an ethical company? 

Cox increased my Internet from 50Mbps to 150Mbps on 7/5/2022, and then started increased billing me 8/5/2022.  50Mbps was fine because I'm a senior.  On rare visits, my son tested the circuit, and usually only received 50Mbps or less whenever he visited.  Attempts to reach customer service has usually failed, or when I reached them, the department I needed to speak to is always closed when I try to speak to someone.  Whenever someone tried to help me downgrade the bandwidth and cost, it wouldn't let them either.  I was asked to call in again to a department that I couldn't leave messages.  Finally, the website appears to have worked, and yet instead of getting the lower fee, again I am billed at the higher rates, and checking the status it says that they're waiting for documents.  

I am a senior, and can only speak to them when my children and grandchildren come on the weekend to try to help me.  I feel like Cox is taking advantage of me.

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    so same as your OTHER thread - 

    I am a senior and have no problems contacting Cox. Currently your issue is easily resolved by contacting your local Cox sales, or retention/loyalty department. 

    FYI, the OLD essential Internet speed way back was 50 mbps, and they increased it, at no cost. I think what actually happened to you is, you have a special pricing for 1 or 2 years, and the special pricing rolled off, and your price increased to the normal price. Talk to sales, or to Loyalty/Retention. They can help you lower your bill.