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4 years ago

How do I protest a charge?

Been a Cox customer for 18 years. Recently moved and when I called to schedule a service visit the rep told me if I signed up for Cox Complete Care there would be no charge for the service. I even repeated back to her "So if I sign up for Cox Complete Care for $10/month for 3 months, I won't have to pay the $100 service visit charge?" She said yes.  Cox had to send a service rep twice because the first one didn't fix everything. And then my monthly bill: $200 extra - $100 for each service visit!! I chatted with a CSR who elevated me to a Loyalty rep (?) who removed one $100 charge. When I asked why I should have to pay $100 for misrepresentation by their rep, she did not answer the question and eventually closed the chat - in effect, hanging up on me!

She also said there was no one else I could talk to. I don't believe that. Anyone know how I can escalate this complaint? I do plan to file with the BBB, but who else can I go to at Cox?

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