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4 years ago

HBO Max - Unsupported Version

When I try to access HBO Max I get the message: 'Unsupported Version, Update you HBO Max app to get the latest features."  This was working one day and not the next.  I do have HBO (I can get HBO Max on my iphone).  I have Cox Contour and a smart TV.  I called Cox and was told I needed to contact HBO.  Needless to say they never called me back.  I don't know how to delete the app and reload it.  I was told on a second attempt to call Cox that there is no way to delete the app.  Help!!!

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    Hi @Rivermom,

    You should be able to press/touch the app on your home screen and hold it down and then delete the app. Once you have deleted it downloaded the app again.

    Ben S.
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    tv's before2016 are't compatible with hbomax!