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4 years ago

Factory remote will not work

I have disconnected the Cox minibox from two different TVs.  Now, neither of the factory remotes will work the TV.  I've changed the batteries and done all the other things to reset it but they will not work.  How do I get the factory remotes to work again?

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    If by factory remote you're referring to the Cox mini-box remote, you have to program the min-box with a code for the brand TV to which the mini-box is currently connected in order for it to turn the TV on and off and adjust the volume.  If the first TV was a different brand than the second TV, you will need to re-program the mini-box with a proper code for the second TV.

    Verify the mini-box is properly connected to the TV. 

    Verify the TV is on channel 3 (using the remote that came with the TV).

    Verify the TV input is set to "TV" or "HDMI" (depending on the connection used).

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      factory remotes tells me the op is using tv remotes, not cox!!

      that link'll probably take a trip to the cox store to swap!

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        Why are all your sentences exclamatory?