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6 years ago

Extremely loud volume of NWS alert tones

I have a question about the volume of the alert tone on NWS severe weather alerts on Cox Cable.

If I am watching TV and an alert comes on, suddenly I am BLASTED out of my socks by that maximum-volume, godawful buzzing alert tone. KAAAAAAANNNK!!! KAAAAAAANNNK!!! KAAAAAAANNNK!!! It scares the poo out of me and kills my ears – I have to grab for the remote to mute it. If I’m dozing, it nearly gives me a heart attack.

Does the volume of the alert tone have to be so loud? Can it not be at just a normal volume level? Is there a way that Cox could please turn that volume down? I will get the alert just fine if the warning tone is at a normal level instead of  a sudden 300Db blast.