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6 years ago

Evolve Digital DZ10HD MB 7.4E not working as well as old Cisco DTA250 that died

DWhy doesn't replacement digital terminal adapter the Evolve Digital DX10HD MB 7.4E works as well as the old Cisco DTA 250 that died. Less crip picture and hesitant interface and slow to respond to remote commands?

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  • Hi Coxcommy, I'm sorry that you're not happy with the replacement box. The symptoms you described could fit several possible issues. Have you set the mini box aspect ratio to match your TV? This will affect the picture quality. To change the aspect ratio, press the Cox button on the mini box remote to access the Settings menu. Press the UP or DOWN arrow to highlight Audio & Video. Press the RIGHT arrow or SELECT button to move to the center card. Press the UP or DOWN arrow to highlight Video Output Format. Press the SELECT button to open the Video Output Format dialogue box. Press the LEFT or RIGHT arrow to scroll through the Resolution options. Press the SELECT button to select the resolution. Press the SELECT button again to confirm the changes. If you've already changed the mini box aspect ratio, I suggest running a self-test on the mini box. A self-test checks to see if there are any software updates available for the mini box, and then automatically installs the update. It also detects any network or connectivity issues affecting the mini box. To run a self-test on the mini box, press Menu on the remote and use the right arrow to highlight Customer Support. Select the Technical Support Menu and use the right arrow to highlight Self-Test. Press Select. A new window will display the status of the different tests running. If an error message displays, complete the troubleshooting outlined on the screen. If a software update is available, the update is installed automatically. After the update has been installed, the mini box will reboot. If the self-test does not find any problems or if there are no software updates needed, the test displays a Status Update upon completion. Press Select to close the Confirmation Message and return to live television. Let us know if the self-test returns any errors or reports any connectivity issues. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator